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Two Wings and a Prayer

I've been working on a couple of entries in the Threadless 10th anniversary design challenge. One of them ("Faceballs") is an exercise in silliness (I don't mean that as a bad thing), but "Two Wings and a Prayer" is a bit different! I like how they both turned out, but I'm just showing one here because it's 'a bit Christian', with the theme of trust and sacrificial love through the Psalms-like symbol of the sheltering wings. It's a Photoshop piece.

Ian Harrowell

For those who haven't heard, Aussie legend animator Ian Harrowell recently had a stroke. He's doing much better now, hasn't lost his sense of humour, speech is pretty much back to normal and is still playing guitar in church. But still suffering from headaches and getting back up to speed with reading writing and drawing. So please pray for our brother Ian. Thanks!


Hi guys. Here's an illustration I did as a test piece a little while ago, of the Angels appearing to the shepherds in the field on the night of Jesus's birth.
It's a bit different to my normal stuff, a teensy bit more painterly and realistic. I used photo reference for this one, something I don't do much for my more cartoony stuff, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, since it was really tricky to give the impression that it was a dark night-time scene without making things too dark, and at the same time making things really bright because of the angels' aura while not making it look too bright. Tricky, took a few goes.
Every person in this scene is referenced from photos of me dressed as shepherds and angels! I didn't have time to get people to pose for me, so I just got my wife to take shots of me, and then I changed the faces with the awesome power of my imagination, which basically just meant make their noses bigger and give them a beard or something.
Anyway, just thought I'd post it coz I crave attention!



That’s what I’ll be writing when I actually DO make it big. But in the meantime something very cool has happened. Brett Burner of Lamp Post Inc. has published my work in a 66 page FULL-FREAKING-COLOUR comic!

‘God’s Love is Like a Conjoined Twin’, features classic stories like; Pant’s Free Frid’y, Hunger Strike at the 7 Eleven and Live Organ Transplants : In the Privacy of Your Own Backyard.

In this (colour) comic I endeavour to tackle the BIG spiritual issues like is it ‘okay’ to kiss dead goldfish or ‘morally wrong’ to sell your kidney on the black market to raise funds for a comic book?

And speaking of comics ...you could buy mine! Did I mention it’s in colour? You can pick it up from Amazon for only $12 bucks U.S (But be careful they’ll sting you for another $10 bucks or so for postage a handling.

Here's the link- http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Love-Like-Conjoined-Twin/dp/1600391648/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1284349202&sr=8-1




Celebrate Christmas

Here's a Christmas comic I did today for the Salvos kids magazine. I'm going for non-contoversial :)

- http://www.webcomicsnation.com/deanrankine/celebrate


to Facebook??

Hey community.. just a thought. How about setting up a community page on Facebook? We might be able to import this as a blog. Dean its your baby, watcha think?
Here's the front cover for the comic I am doing the inking and colouring for. The comic is called Disciple 6, created by Matthew Rodriguez. Go to http://ideasfrommars.blogspot.com/ for more info on the project. Basically we are creating the first 5 pages of the first story to pitch to Shadowline comics, part of Image comics. Rodriguez has already scripted the first few chapters, they're a great read. I've been approached to help out on christian comic projects before, but always turned them down before this one. This one has a really cool plot behind it and concept, and I think it has the potential to succeed. Here's hoping!

pencils on this pic are by Andy Budnick, inks and colours by me.